Friday, July 18, 2008

Back from Belize!

Hey all. Just got back from an incredible trip down to Belize with my beautiful wife for our 10-year anniversary. If you've never been, I strongly recommend it! Our experiences couldn't have been better. We didn't let any grass grow under our feet with lots of diving, snorkeling, fishing, bike riding, and even a little spearfishing local-style.

The time spent away from television was a real joy to sit back and reflect on our marriage, our careers, and our future. It also made me realize that those of us in health care and education (my wife) need to make sure we take some time to truly get a way from the daily grind to charge the batteries as we all tend to burn the candle from both ends. A good trip away from television, iPods, and email did both of us some good. Now we are back home on terra firma and BOTH locked and loaded for the next ten years of our lifelong adventure together.

I promise not to morph this into a blog about my personal life, but just couldn't hold back my enthusiasm and energy on the heels of such a great trip. It looks like we've got some good things in the scientific literature to discuss and even a few political topics to take on! For example: Was the recent Medicare bill really a victory for physical therapists? We'll talk about that later.

Thanks everyone for hanging in during this brief pause in the blog. I will be kicking-out posts on later this week.