Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Ok folks...I'm not fully satisfied with my current status as PT-nerd extraordinaire, so I am taking this to the next level. You guessed it: podcasting has made its way to my blog. The blog's title is a work in progress but is tentatively known as the Movement Science Podcast.

During my recent post on Ginger Campbell's blog, I was struck with this idea to create a podcast that deals with issues pertaining to movement science. Physical therapists, exercise physiologists, biomechanists, physiatrists, orthopedists...we all deal with human movement at varying levels of function or dysfunction. My hope this podcast will be able to reveal and discuss some of the incredible work that is being done in the name of helping us move around on this earth a little better. Our topics will include (among others)

  • The role of rehabilitation science in reversing orthopedic and neurological movement dysfunction
  • The role of physical activity in improving both physical and cognitive health
  • Training concepts for strength and conditioning professionals and rehab professionals who want to become better strength and conditioning professionals!
The format will range from interviews, discussion of relevant literature, and of course some home spun editorial from the author! Please excuse the amateur effort as I troubleshoot getting the podcasts onto my blog and eventually into easily accessible formats such as iTunes and the rest. It is my sincerest hope that this can develop into something great. If you work in movement science and have an idea for a podcast you'd like to hear, feel free to drop me a line and become a part of the process.


  1. I think that is cool.

    I too have been trying to figure out how to incorporate a lot of internet tools into my practice.

    When do you expect the first one to be ready?

  2. Great idea. I'm looking forward to your podcast. Good luck!

  3. Sounds great, look forward to listening.

    Aaron - 3rd year, KU med.