Friday, February 1, 2008

Turf War: Offense or Defense?

I sometimes wonder how ticked off I should be getting when I hear some of the things traditional or "straight" chiropractors tell their patients. It's hard for me to challenge straight chiros on the grounds of their manual skill set, but should we really be content with allowing another profession to perpetuate the myth that is the subluxation theory?

I know the chiropractic profession is in serious crisis across the country, and sometimes feel I'm kicking an opponent when he's down. However, for the sake of our profession and our patients, I feel obligated to be honest with my patients regarding my opposition to traditional chiropractic. I do feel better in the sense that I don't sound like a evangelical minister anymore when I give these talks to patients. I'm able to present an opposing view to straight chiropractic in a more calm and objective (to me at least) manner.

Orthopedic physical therapists will continue to be at the forefront of rational approaches to the conservative management of musculoskeletal disorders. We need to make sure we are ready to do what it takes to defend our profession, but also be willing to put ourselves out there and take the offensive against quackery. The end result will be better health for our patients and our profession!

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