Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's Your Resolution?

You know...the one you'll keep this year? I really enjoy the first part of the year when I get to map out all the great things that the next 12 months bring. Taking a tip from Stephen Covey, I try to map out the things that will keep me healthy, happy, and wiser at the end of each year. In addition to my standard package of personal resolutions for my family and health, I've got a list of things I thought I might share with you in the hopes you might also consider reexamining your list as well.

1. Begin my doctoral studies. I hope to begin working on my Sc.D from Texas Tech this year. It's a great program and I encourage anyone interested in orthopedics to consider it along with the other great programs that are out there.

2. Earn my COMT for the upper extremity from the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine. I try not to be a credential-hog with 4000 initials after my name, but the UE courses are outstanding. I took the shoulder and lower cervical courses last year and they've really helped improve my practice.

3. Attend the National Strength and Conditioning Association National Conference in Las Vegas. I was a CSCS before I became a PT and feel like I've drifted too far from my roots in exercise science. I'm fired up about going this year and hope to see you there. Let's have a beer (or nonalcoholic beverage of your choice) together.

4. Begin the process of standardizing my progressions and techniques for both therapeutic exercise and manual therapy. I hope to improve my collaborative efforts with other therapists and maybe begin the process of exploring publication. (I'll get back with you in 2009 on that one!)

5. Rejoin the APTA, Orthopedic Section and become more involved. After reading some compelling arguments both for and against membership, I've decided my arguments against membership simply aren't holding water. The APTA is that nutty uncle that we find ourselves disagreeing with regularly, but still has enough wisdom and family-equity to justify inviting him to the family reunions. I will be rejoining ASAP.

Let's hear from you. What will you be doing to keep your professional life heading in the right direction for 2008?

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